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getamped Mobile

Gameplay video

Game Introduction

In Getamped Mobile you have the chance to face-off against opponents in a wide range of battle types, from single-player fights, to melee-style battles! Create the perfect character for you by choosing from a wide range of accessories and weapons. You can even create a totally unique character using the “Skin Editor” feature! Once your character’s ready for battle, use the location-based matching system to take on people in your area!

Game Modes


This mode allows up to 4 players to participate in a free for all battle. You'll need to watch your back while keeping an eye out for an opening! The round ends when the last player is defeated. Make the most of your weapons and accesories to be the last one standing!

Boss Battle

In this mode, players team up in order to battle tougher than average enemies. Work together to take them all down!


This mode pits two players against each other in one-on-one combat. A single mistake could cost you the match! The match ends when one player is defeated or the timer runs out.

Team Match

This mode allows two teams of 2 players, split between the Red and Blue teams, to do battle! Work together with your teammate to find the right strategy to outsmart the enemy! But be careful, attacking team members will inflict a penalty!


This mode allows you to face off against NPCs in various settings. Strong opponents will require mastery of accessories, weapons, and guarding. Clearing stages will earn you rewards. High scores may even earn you better rewards! What's more, VIP fighters have an opportunity to earn additional prizes!

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